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Kracht, souplesse en reikwijdte gecombineerd in een toren opgebouwd uit lichamen van rasmuzikanten.


Made by De Baron aka The father

Buy it at a show for weinig.

A dream come true!!

Great movies by extra-ordinary talents

photo Marc de Groot

Live at Giel Beelen

We were live at Giel Beelen this week. It was awesome and also really early...

BIO also very important

Jane aka J-ass and Kiki aka K-ass from Amsterdam have played Nirvana covers since they were teenagers. They got the idea to start a band in the fall of 2004. The two mega babes have been best friends since kindergarten and, in Bram aka malle P, found the perfect drummer to rock hard with. After three months of rehearsal the first Malle Pietje and the Bimbos show was given in the legendary dive Depth. Showered with raving reviews they decided to continue their tour. Before they knew it, a new hardrock sensation was born.

'Tienerhoer', an autobiographical megahit, 'Keihard Beuken' and 'Woho' were immortalized in Maastricht and were introduced to the world on the internet. The songs quickly found their way to the hippest sites and fora. The band even got picked up by '3 voor 12', who went on to build their very own Bimbo archive.

The Bimbo's were asked to play at any cool party and every hip club. Another recording session with Backfire! legend Igor followed. 'XTC', 'We are the Bimbo's' and 'Kladder de Pitbouwer' were recorded which resulted in the tighter-than-dutch-tradition-allows second demo called 'THE GABBERS AND THE SKATERS'.

Meanwhile the heavy touring schedule went on. Anything and everything that crossed the Bimbos path was blown away. From house party's to Crust-fundraisers, everyone was ecstatic. By now we could truly speak of a legend.

The Bimbos didn't sit back quietly. Many new songs were written with international allure. They even sung in English. These hits were fired at a baffled audience. Without even noticing it, Tienerhoer became a monster cult hit, the song would even reach number one on a download hit chart.

The bimbos met their old labelboss and he decided to sign the bimbos on his label, Rush Hour. A full length album has been recorded in the X-Brand studio. This hit bomb was amazing and also hitting it like a bomb + Fuck you!

In 2009 Malle Pietje and the Dildo's thought it was time for a change and they asked Oe-Bert from Gewapend Beton (Armed Concrete) to join their line-up and crusade against racism. This punk-embryo could really play and so it came they wrote a new record. They went back into the studio with their home producer Iggy-Poep Backfire! 14 monsterhits were captured and nailed to the maximum.

Pias signed the punkband which makes them labelmates with Coolio, Abel, Moke and the Offspring! Their brand new record 'La Vida Vulva' just hit the stores. Expect a brilliant record with punk-rockhard-hits, ballads and rocky-punkhardrockhits. The first single is a collaboration with Vjeze Fur of The Jeugd van Tegenwoordig.

The Father

Our friend,the lover of life and haver of stijf, called: "Father Futureback" made all the artwork for our latest record "La vida vulva"

Thank you father.

Visit his amazing website here:


Malle pietje and the Bimbos in de wereld draait door. Morgen 7 september. Supersick666zin-in!

It's finally here: our new album LA VIDA VULVA

on PIAS records, produced by Igor Wouters, cover photo by Marc de Groot, artwork by Father Futureback

New single: Stof in de wind feat. Vjeze Fur

Our culthit! Tienerhoer

Perfect song

Keihard Beuken